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Today's Teens Dress Like Sluty Girls

March 31 2017 Published on #Adult Topics, #Fashion, #Sexy, #Sexy Outfits, #Slutty Teens

What To Do When Your Daughters Dress Like Sluty Girls Some months back, I was in an apparel shop looking for a set of jeans when I saw a male shopping with his 18-year-old daughter. I assumed he was divorced due to the fact that he wasn't wearing a wedding...

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Why do some women favor to put on thongs and also G-String panties?

March 30 2017 Published on #Fashion, #Lingerie, #Sexy, #Sexy Outfits, #Womens Underwear, #Adult Topics

Some women prefer to where thongs or a G-String panties for the same reason you prefer to wear sweat pants or flip flops. For the comfort aspect involved. However, women can not stroll in their flip-flops in a celebration, or cannot prance into the office...

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