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Today's Teens Dress Like Sluty Girls

March 31 2017 Published on #Adult Topics, #Fashion, #Sexy, #Sexy Outfits, #Slutty Teens

What To Do When Your Daughters Dress Like Sluty Girls

Some months back, I was in an apparel shop looking for a set of jeans when I saw a male shopping with his 18-year-old daughter. I assumed he was divorced due to the fact that he wasn't wearing a wedding band ring. His child went into the changing room, and when she came out, she was donning something that would certainly have exposed her pubic hair if she had any there. I just glanced at him and said, “You absolutely must be shitting me. That's how you want dudes to see your daughter?!” Like one of those Sluty Girls who are pregnant before the age of 20. He didn’t respond, and I walked away.

Another such time, I went to the movies with my other half, and I saw this really attractive, sexy 17-year-old chick that was the walking stereotype of a bombshell blonde. She was sporting pants that barely came over her waist, as well as, a tight tee shirt that dipped down just over her nipple while revealing her tummy. She laughed with a number of guys that were hanging out with her and talking. My hubby-- who understands me far too well-- murmured to me, "Please don't say anything," however I just could not pass up this moment. As we strolled by, I stopped, obtained her attention, and said, "They are all speaking with you due to the fact that they think you're intelligent." I strolled away.

Sluty Girls

Some background on why teens dress like sluty girls

There has been sufficient research and study to show that teenage girls who put on highly sexualized clothing generally are evaluated as less qualified, unintelligent, misguided, and clueless to the situations going on around them. Guys, in particular, look down on them because they only see them as sex objects.

Women that dress like sluts have reduced self-worth. By externalizing their bodies and also monitoring evaluating themselves relating to exactly how they look, these girls increase their risk of becoming  depressed or establishing eating disorders.

The reason that teen girls wish to dress in this manner is two-fold. Children encounter lots of pressure to fit in. As a result, they take hints from pop culture on how you can dress "trendy." Second of all, there isn't really a great deal of parenting taking place these days. A great deal of parents are too active with their love lives or work lives to provide good guidance to these youngsters.

Personally, I concur with the more spiritual idea that "modesty is best." I likewise believe you ought to only send your kids to schools that have a dress code. In this way, they are always putting on the very same uninteresting outfit, and also it's not about what they are wearing but what is within that matters.

The next time you take your daughter shopping, inform her to go choose  three outfits, then after that have her show them to you so you could offer her the last "yes" or "no." By doing this, she'll obtain something that both she wants as well as you approve.

Something to ponder while you're going shopping, remember this: No dude is very likely to refuse a woman who's offering herself as a whore. I saw many more Sluty Girls her the other day in various stages of undress.


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